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Results 2015 NH State WAL Championships

Sunday, 29 November, 2015

NH State WAL Championships
Thompson Tavern, Dover, New Hampshire
Saturday November 21, 2015

0-215 Men’s Amateur Left
1.Nick Grant (ME)
2. Keith Bobrawiecki (ME)
3.Jason Galipeau (ME)
216+ Men’s Amatuer Left
1.Jim Saccoccia (NH)
2. Jake Lottman (VT)
3. Paul Saccoccia (NH)
Womens Left
1.Joyce King (NB Canada)
2. Malie Harmon (ME)
3. Laurie Thackery (NH)
0-175 Men’s Pro Left
1.Jon Brown (NH)
2. Gabe Accardi (MA)
3. Aaron Hawkins (NH)
175+ Men’s Pro Left
1.Frank Hirst (CT)
2. Jon Brown (NH)
3. Jim Saccoccia (NH)
0-215 Men’s Amateur Right
1.Keith Bobrawiecki (ME)
2.Kevin Roy (ME)
3.Scott Paradis (NH)
216+ Men’s Amateur Right
1.Jim Saccoccia (NH)
2. Jake Lottman (VT)
3. Paul Saccoccia (NH)
Womens Right
1.Joyce King (NB Canada)
2. Laurie Thackery (NH)
0-155 Men’s Pro Right
1.Mike Shalhoub (MA)
2. Joe Siejkowski (NH)
156-175 Pro Right
1.Gabe Accardi (MA)
2. Jon Brown (NH)
3. Aaron Hawkins (NH)
1.Frank Hirst (CT)
2. Orin Hubbard (NH)
3.Jeff Neal (NH)

Results 2015 New England Championships

Sunday, 15 November, 2015

2015 New England Armwrestling Championships
Saturday November 7, 2015
Foxwoods Casino, Connecticut

Head Ref: Chris Gangi (CT)
Refs: Badger Drewes (NH), Harry Bean III (NH), Jim Fitzsimmons (MA), Jon Brown (NH), Ron Klemba (CT), Bill Caldwell (MA), Valerie Beach (NH), Josh Grant (MA)

0-165 Left Amateur (9)
1. Chris Moriarty
2. Marc Piatek
3. Alexander Pei
4. Nate Riley

166-185 Left Amateur (6)
1. Vladimir Sirorvnin
2. Nick Huckins
3. Mike Delong
4. Ben Witruk

186-205 Left Amateur (8)
1. Scott Lewis
2. Daniel Sato
3. Jason Galipeau
4. Boguslaw Mamaczynski

206-235 Left Amateur (5)
1. Kyle Millheiser
2. Justin Vannah
3. Dan Haggerman
4. Scott Paradis

236+ Left Amateur (6)
1. Jim Saccoccia
2. Seth Bai
3. Tom McClure
4. Craig Calley

0-143 Left Women (5)
1. Debbie Banaian
2. Valerie Beach
3. T. Moriarty
4. Jean Cappa

144+ Left Women (2)
1. Cathy Merrill
2. Jean Cappa

Mens Left Masters (4)
1. Jim Fitzsimmons
2. Harry Bean III
3. Harry Bean IV
4. Bob Paradis

0-150 Left Pro Men (2)
1.Jeremy Meservey
2. Marcin Czembrowski

151-165 Left Pro Men (8)
1.Jon Brown
2. Junite Visalovski
3. Jeremy Meservey
4. Sasha Medredev
166-185 Left Pro Men (5)
1.Ron Klemba
2. Filip Hritz
3. Jon Brown
4. Todd Van Blaricom

186-205 Left Pro Men (5)
1.Rob Vigeant Jr.
2. Seth Barnett
3. Adam Barup
4. Victor Kozlovsky

206-235 Left Pro Men (7)
1.Rob Vigeant Jr.
2. Chris Burns
3. Joe Galgoci
4. Max Maxwell

236+ Left Pro Men (9)
1.Kurt Howgate
2. Eric Guevin
3. Joe Yarosz
4. Joe Galgoci

0-165 Right Amateur (9)
1. Marc Piatek
2. Chris Moriarty
3. Nate Riley
4. Matt Berggra

166-185 Right Amateur (8)
1. Matt Ricci
2. Jesse Givens
3. Ben Witruk
4. Mike Delong

186-205 Right Amateur (9)
1. Scott Lewis
2. Boguslaw Mamaczynski
3. Jason Galipeau
4. Brad St. Germain

206-235 Right Amateur (8)
1. Kyle Millheiser
2. Sam Calley
3. Adrian Witas
4. Dean Bananian

236+ Right Amateur (9)
1. Craig Calley
2. Anthony Layell
3. Seth Bai
4. Jake Lottman

0-143 Right Women (5)
1. Valerie Beach
2. Debbie Banaian
3. T. Moriarty
4. Alexia Maxwell

144+ Right Women (6)
1. Cathy Merrill
2. Mary Devou
3. Lynne Lowell
4. Bridget McDonald

Mens Right Masters (5)
1. Jim Fitzsimmons
2. Harry Bean III
3. Harry Bean IV
4. Bob Paradis

0-150 Right Pro Men (3)
1.Norm Devio
2.Jeremy Meservey
3. Marcin Czembrowski

151-165 Right Pro Men (9)
1.Gabe Accardi
2. Mike Shalhoub
3. Jon Brown
4. Robert Belley

166-185 Right Pro Men (6)
1.Ron Klemba
2. Filip Hritz
3. George Givens
4. Vladimir Sidorvnin

186-205 Right Pro Men (5)
1.Rob Vigeant Jr.
2. Seth Barnett
3. Adam Barup
4. Walter Meehan

206-235 Right Pro Men (6)
1.Rob Vigeant Jr.
2. Joe Galgoci
3. Chris Burns
4. Max Maxwell

236+ Right Pro Men (10)
1.Tim Bresnan
2. Mike Homewood
3. Eric Guevin
4. Chris Dubey

Dec 5, 2015 WAL MA State Championships

Sunday, 15 November, 2015

2015 WAL Massachusetts State Championships

Saturday, December 5:
Weigh-Ins: 11am -12:30pm
Tournament starts at 1pm

Date: Saturday, December 5th, 2015Time: 1:00pmAddress: Buffalo Wild Wings
250 Granite St. Ste. 1025B
Braintree, Massachusetts 02184

Click the link above for full info!

Dec 5, 2015 – WAL CT State Championships

Sunday, 8 November, 2015

Date: Saturday, December 5th, 2015
Time: 1:00pmAddress: Trinity Bar and Restaurant
157 Orange St.
New Haven, Connecticut 06510

More info in the link above…

Nov 7, 2015 WAL Vermont State Championships

Sunday, 25 October, 2015

WAL Vermont State Championships
Saturday, November 7
10am- 12:30pm
Tournament: 1pm

Address: Franny O’s
733 Queen City Park Rd.
South Burlington, Vemont 05403

Click the link above for all info and to register

Results 10/17/15 WAL Maine State Championships

Sunday, 25 October, 2015

Saturday October 17, 2015
Champions Sports Bar, Biddeford Maine
0-155 Right Amateur
1. Corey Dupuis (NH)
2. Allen St. Peter (ME)
156-175 Right Amateur
1. Mark Piatek (CT)
2. Corey Dupuis (ME)
3. Anthony Shorey (ME)
176-215 Right Amateur
1. Kevin Roy (ME)
2. Jeff Berube (ME)
3. Michael Profenno (ME)
216+ Right Amateur
1. Wayne Trunk (ME)
2. Jake Lottman (VT)
0-215 Right Pro
1. Rob Vigeant Jr. (MA)
2. Nazar Simko (CT)
3. Boguslaw Mamczynski (CT)
216+ Right Pro
1. Brandon Saucier (ME)
2. Eric Guevin (ME)
3. Wayne Trunk (ME)
0-175 Left Amateur
1. Nate Riley (ME)
2. Allen St. Peter (ME)
176-215 Left Amateur
1. Michael Profenno (ME)
2. Jeff Berube (ME)
3. Jason Galipeau (ME)
216+ Left Amateur
1. Paul Saccoccia (NH)
2. Justin Vannah (ME)
3. Jake Lottman (VT)
0-215 Left Pro
1. Rob Vigeant Jr. (MA)
2. Nazar Simko (CT)
3. Daniel Hall (NH)
216+ Left Pro
1. Eric Guevin (ME)
2. Brandon Saucier (ME)
3. Kurt Howgate (ME)
OVERALL MAINE STATE CHAMPION LEFT: Rob Vigeant Jr 2-0 over Eric Guevin
OVERALL MAINE STATE CHAMPION RIGHT: Rob Vigeant Jr. 2-0 over Brandon Saucier

Results 10/17/2015 Pulling Against Breast Cancer

Sunday, 25 October, 2015

Pulling Against Breast Cancer 10/17/15
Milly’s tavern, Manchester NH
Female Amateur RH 0-150; 1st T Moriarty, 2nd Ashley Warner, 3rd Vicki Connell
Male Amateur RH 0-185; 1st Phillip Warner, 2nd Nick Huckins, 3rd Hunter Gablinske
Male Amateur RH 186-235 (4); 1st Bobby Cozzens, 2nd Scott Paradis, 3rd Joey Ientile Jr
Male Pro RH 186-210; 1st David Brien, 2nd Phillip Warner, 3rd Walter Meehan
Classes (Left Hand)
Female Open LH 0-150; 1st T Moriarty, 2nd Jeanne Cappa
Male Amateur LH 176-200; 1st Nick Huckins, 2nd Joey Ientile Jr
Male Amateur LH 201-225; 1st Walter Meehan, 2nd Nick Huckins, 3rd Scott Paradis
Male Amateur LH 226+ (5); 1st David Charest, 2nd Gary Lavessuer, 3rd Rich Hawes
Female Open LH 0-160; 1st T Moriarty, 2nd Jeanne Cappa
Kids division; 1st Gavin, 2nd Sckuyler, 3rd Kaisan

Beast of the East Men’s Champion (7); James Fitzsimmons
Beast of the East Female Champion (3); T Moriarty
Referees; James Fitzsimmons, Bill Cox
Emcee; Rocco Boulay
Thanks to the generosity of these competitors and many more supporters in attendance, $812 was raised for Norris Cotton Cancer Center.

Results 9/12/15 All-American Invitational

Sunday, 13 September, 2015

The 5th All American Invitational Championship
September 12th 2015
All American Bar & Grill
S. Dennis, MA


Men’s Right Hand Open:
0-187: 1st Robert Belley(MA) 2nd Nick Huck (NH) 3rd Justin Galipeua(ME)
188-Up 1st Joshua Grant(MA) 2nd Dean Banaian(NH) 3rd Al Solomon(MA)

Men’s Right Hand Novice:
0-165: 1st Robert Belley(MA) 2nd Corey Dupuis(NH) 3rd Brodie Kendrick(MA)
166-Up 1st Robert Belley(MA) 2nd Brodie Kendrick(MA) 3rd Nick Huck(NH)

Men’s Left Hand Open:
0-165: 1st Robert Belley(MA) 2nd Corey Dupuis(NH) 3rd Travis Court(MA)
166-Up; 1st Kenny Smead(MA) 2nd Josh Grant(MA) 3rd Nick Huck(NH)

Kids: 1st Callan Grant (MA) 2nd Addison Hugkins(NH)

Referees were Jost Grant, Dean Banaian & Bill Cox
Brackets were done by Deb Banaian

Maine’s Jeremy Meservey wins two Nationals Titles!

Saturday, 5 September, 2015

Huge congrats to Maine’s Jeremy Meservey who won two PRO National Titles in Atlantic City, NJ!
He won his 143lb Left and Right Pro classes.

Also big congrats to Darren Walls for winning his Novice Left 176lb class.

2015 Europa Games/USAA National Pro-Am Armwrestling Championship
Atlantic City, NL – August 28 & 29 – 21st Annual – 315 Entries
Tournament Directors – Leonard Harkless & Denise Wattles
Referees: Leonard Harkless, Badger Drewes, Jim Fitzsimmons, Tim Lewis, Tom Simko, Harry Bean,
Brackets: Denise Wattles, Priscilla Bean
Grand Masters Right 0-165: Tom Simko/ Gene Dunn
Grand Masters Right 166-198: JR Hostler/ Gary Kessler/ Tom Deacon/ Glen Jaeschke/Harry Silberman
Grand Masters Right 199+: Badger Drewes/ Harry Bean
Masters Left 0-154: Gene Dunn
Masters Left 155-176: Gene Dunn/ Richard Gough
Masters Left 177-198: Art Spindler/ Glen Jaeschke/ Josh Grant/ Gary Kessler
Masters Left 199-220: Jim Fitzsimmons/ Gary Kessler
Masters Left 221+: Joe Galochi/ Jim Fitzsimmons/ Melan Ruman
Masters Right 0-154: Tom Simko/ Gene Dunn
Masters Right 155-176: Richard Gough/ Tom Simko/ Gene Dunn
Masters Right 177-198: Josh Grant/ Art Spindler/ JR Hostler/ David Brien/ Jaeschke,Deacon
Masters Right 199-220: Jim Fitzsimmons/ Gary Kessler
Masters Right 221+: Joe Galochi/ Badger Drewes, Harry Bean
Novice Left 0-154: Robert Belley/ Corey Dupuis/ Henny Jimenez/Ethan Bruzzese
Novice Left 155-176: Darren Walls/Michael McPherson/Noah Byler/Matthew Berggren/Mckye Ecker
Novice Left 177-198: Tanner Huntsman
Novice Left 199+: Harry Bean V/Sean Sparandero/Jonathan Ader/Peter Ader/David Silberman
Novice Right 0-154: Robert Belley/Corey Dupuis/Henny Jimenez/Michael Innis Jr/Ethan Bruzzese
Novice Right 155-176: Phillip Hritz/Robert Belley/Mckye Eckert/Matthew Berggren/Walls,McPherson
Novice Right 177-198: Tanner Huntsman/Nick Navas/Tom Deacon/David Cerallos
Novice Right 199+: Glen Jaeschke/Sean Sparander/Harry Bean V/Jonathan Laba/Silberman,Ader
Amateur Left 0-154:Al Price/Daniel Fusco/Steve Dussell/ Marcin Czembrowski/Nicholas Belasis
Amateur Left 155-176 (13): Valentin Gospodinov/Dan Hall/Dustin Jelliff/Abdul Sarvalov/Janniro,Marcin
Amateur Left 177-198 (10): Mike Pellettiere /JC Penta/Rob Merget/Bo Mamczynski/Longo,Kazlowski
Amateur Left 199-242 (12): Trevor Buzzell/Mark Prickett/Jim Saccoccia/Steve Nichols/Puleo,Runkle
Amateur Left 243+: Chris Dubey/Harry Bean V/David Silberman/Matt Degasperi/Mark Vanderhoff
Amateur Right 0-154: Steve Dussell/Ron Della Donna/Robert Belley/Al Price/Marcin,Remache
Amat Rt 155-176 (16): D.Kezokhachvili/Valentin Gospodinov/Adrian Janniro/Dustin Jelliff/Navas,Berggren
Amateur RT 177-198 (11): Viktar Kazlowski/Rob Merget/Rich Longo/Mike Pellettiere/Grabowski, Abdul
Amateur RT 199-242 (11):Mark Prickett/Chad Eckert/Nizar Simko/Steve Nichols/Saccoccia,Buzzell
Amateur RT 243+: Chris Dubey/Harry Bean V/Dave Silberman/Matt Degasperi/Mark Vanderhoff
Ladies Amateur Rt 0-143: Aria Brooks/Natalie Hagan/ Ashley Algren
Ladies Pro Right 0-143: (8) Debbie Banian/Sue Fischer/Deb Price/Deb Selearis/Maxwell,Carosella
Ladies Pro Rt 144+: Cathy Merrill/Christy Resedez/Kalyn Bryan/Debbie Dekker/Kasha Heinrich
Ladies Left Hand Open (9): Cathy Merrill/Debbie Banian/Christy Resendez/Deb Selearis/Bryan,Algren
Open Left 0-143: Jeremy Meservey/Al Price/Kyle O’Neill/Luke Elsessor/Schrapper/Jimenez
Pro Left 0-154 (10) Sean Hardman/Emanuel Harris/Sam Harris/Jeremy Meservey/Alexandr,Aleks
Pro Left 155-176 (11): Josh Handeland/Bob Sawick/Tim Lewis/Filip Hritz/Brown,Fisher
Pro Left 177-198 (10): Storm Chellino/Art Spindler/Orin Hubbard/Brandon Ellsessor/Grant, Viktar
Pro Left 199-242 (11): Storm Chellino/Ken Smith/Hank Meadows/ Ken Nelson/Bryan,Dimino
Pro Left 243+: Eric W. Opitz/Mike Homewood/Paul Rosario
Open Right 0-143: Jeremy Meservey/Al Price/Luke Elsessor/Henny Jimenez/Kyle O’Neill/Sciarappa
Pro Right 0-154 (11): Aleks Abutidze/Sam Harris/Sean Hardman/Emanuel Harris/Meservey,White
Pro RT 155-176 (18): Sam Harris/ Filip Hritz/Tim Lewis/Paul Fisher/Ruskin, Kezokhachvili
Pro RT 177-198 (12): Jason Vale/ Storm Chellino/OrinHubbard/Brandon Elsessor/Josh Grant,Viktar
Pro RT 199-242 (15): Jim Bryan/Storm Chellino/Sergio Petro/Ken Smith/Calgoci,Maxwell
Pro Right 243+: Mike Aiello/Shawn Lattimer/ Mike Homewood/Shawn Turner/Opitz, Marrocco

October 17, 2015 – WAL Maine State Champ

Saturday, 5 September, 2015

October 17, 2015
WAL Maine State Championships

Champions Sports Bar
15 Thornton St, Biddeford, Maine 04005

Men’s Pro R/L 0-155, 156-175, 176-215, 216+
Men’s Amateur R/L 0-155, 156-175, 176-215, 216+
men’s Masters (45+) R/L 0-155, 156-175, 176-215, 216+

Women’s open R/L (seeded class by weight)

Check in/weigh in 11am-1230pm
Event start time 1pm

All registration is done at