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Jeremy Meservey wins in MA – 9/27/14 Results!

Sunday, 28 September, 2014

September 27, 2014
4th Annual All-American Invitational
The All American Bar & Grill
50 Route 134 S. Dennis, MA

Men’s Right Open:
0-154: 1st Jeremy Meservey (ME) 2nd Travis Court (MA) 3rd TJ Levesque (MA)
155-220: 1st Josh Grant (MA) 2nd Jeremy Meservey (ME) 3rd Bruce Court (MA)
221-Up: 1st Harry Bean III (NH) 2nd Chris Eldredge (MA) 3rd Harry Bean V (NH)

Men’s Right Novice:
0-165: 1st Brodie Kendrick (MA) 2nd Matt Caddell (MA) 3rd TJ Levesque (MA)
166-198: 1st Tom Laposky (MA) 2nd Steve Sparrow (MA) 3rd Austin Meehan (MA)

Men’s Left:
0-165: 1st Jeremy Meservey (ME) 2nd Bruce Court (MA) 3rd Travis Court (MA)
166-198: 1st Josh Grant (MA) 2nd Bruce Court (MA) 3rd Austin Meehan (MA)
199-Up: 1st Chris Eldridge (MA) 2nd Harry Bean V (NH)

Women’s Right Open:
1st Graceann Case(MA) 2nd Kim Walbridge (MA)

KIds: 1st Callan Grant (MA) 2nd Sophia Laposky (MA)

Match of the day: Matt Caddell vs Brodie Kendrick (Left Hand )
Brackets : Priscilla Bean
Regerees: Harry Bean III , Willie Hargrove, Bill Cox
Special thanks to Priscilla for a great job on brackets.

Dec 6, 2014 Maine Winter Warm-Up

Sunday, 14 September, 2014

2014 Maine Winter Warm up–Pulling for Vets
UAL Affiliated Event

This event will be done as a fund raiser for the Disabled American Veterans (Disabled American Veterans T W Bazemore Chapter 19 out of Sanford, ME).

Saturday December 6, 2014

Thatchers Restaurant
35 Foden road
South Portland, ME 04106

Weigh ins: 11:00am-12:30PM
Event to start at 1:00PM

Early weigh in/registration TBA

Head Ref: Badger Drewes
Ref: Chris Gangi
Ref: Harry Bean III

Men’s Pro Right Arm:
0-165, 166-185, 186-205, 206-235, 235+

Men’s Pro left arm:
0-165, 166-185, 186-205, 205-235, 235+

Men’s Amateur right arm:
0-185, 186-235, 235+

Men’s Amateur left arm:
0-185, 186-235, 235+

Women’s Right hand
0-145, 145+

First entry $20.00
Each additional entry $15.00
Trophies for 1-3rd for all classes


Sept 27, 2014 IAF All-American Invitational

Sunday, 14 September, 2014

International Armwrestling Federation
All American Bar & Grill
The 4th Annual All American Invitational
September 27th, 2014
@ The All American Bar & Grill
50 Route 134 S. Dennis, MA
Weight Classes:
Men’s Right Hand Open:
0-154, 155-187, 188-220, 221-Up
Men’s Left Hand Open
0-165, 166-198, 199-Up
Men’s Right Hand Novice
0-165, 166-198, 199-Up
Women’s Right Hand
0-132, 133-Up
Kids: 6-9, 10-13 Awards for these classes
Weigh-ins from 11:30 to 12:30 Starts at 1pm
Entry fee: $20 for 1st entry & $15 for each additional entry Kids Free
For info call Bill @ 508-947-8958 IAF Sanctioned Event

Sept 6th Mass Tourney Cancelled!

Thursday, 4 September, 2014

Per IAF facebook page: All American Invitational 9/6 has been canceled. Just got a call from the owner they had a major pipe burst and will take a week or better to repair. Will post new date when I find out. Sorry all that planned on coming.

Jeremy Meservey – Puller Profile

Saturday, 30 August, 2014

Jeremy Meservey
Resides: Greene, Maine
Occupation: Community Supports Manager
Weight Class: 154
Arms: Left & Right
First Tournament: February, 2012

Game of Arms’ Mike Ayello over Eric Guevin 3-0

Wednesday, 27 August, 2014

Game of Arm’s star and NYC Arms Control member Mike Ayello made his second visit to a 207 Armsports event, defeating Team Maine’s Eric Guevin 3-0 in their Best-of-Five Super-Match in the cage at the Battle at the Beach on 8/23/14. Congrats to both pullers for putting on a great show! Click the pic for the full-size version.

8/23/14 Pics w/ Howgate, Guevin, Ayello

Wednesday, 27 August, 2014

Results 8/23/14 Battle at the Beach

Tuesday, 26 August, 2014

2014 Battle at the Beach
UAL Affiliated Event
Saturday August 23, 2014
Old Orchard Beach Ball Park
OOB, Maine
Event start time 1:00pm
Event end time: 4:00pm
Total event time 3 hours
Total entries: 86
States represented: ME NH MA CT NY
REFEREES: Badger Drewes, Chris Gangi, Harry Bean III, Bill Caldwell
SUPERMATCH: Mike Ayello (NY) 3-0 over Eric Guevin (ME)
1. Evan Tabicas (MA) 2. Jeff Berube (ME) 3. Abdul (NH) 4. Daniel Hall (NH)
1. Jay Galipeau (ME) 2. Jeremy Ladd (ME) 3. Tom Ledoux (NH) 4. Nick Huckins (NH)
1. Trevor Buzzell (NH) 2. Justin Vannah (ME) 3. Paul Saccoccia (NH) 4. Shawn Lannigan (ME)
MENS PRO LEFT 0-185 (3)
1. Jeremy Meservey (ME) 2. Bill Caldwell (MA) 3. Austin Meehan (NH)
MENS PRO LEFT 186-235 (3)
1. Badger Drewes (NH) 2. Josh Grant (MA) 3. Walter Meehan (NH)
MENS PRO LEFT 236+ (3)
1. Kurt Howgate (ME) 2. Harry Bean III (NH) 3. Larry Bowie (ME)
1. Evan Tabicas (MA) 2. Daniel Hall (NH) 3. Ryan Vartanian (ME) 4. Jeff Berube (ME)
1. Jeremy Ladd (ME) 2. Nick Huckins (NH) 3. Ray Ambrose (NH) 4. Tom Ledoux (NH)
1. Chris Dubey (MA) 2. Wayne Trunk (ME) 3. Norm Baron (ME) 4. Justin Vannah (ME)
WOMENS RIGHT 0-145 (8)
1.Valerie Beach (NH) 2. Debbie Banaian (NH) 3. Kristin Harmon (ME) 4. Kristen Galipeau (ME)
1. Kathy Merrill (NH) 2. Valerie Beach (NH) 3. Kacie Gallant (ME)
MENS PRO RIGHT 0-165 (5)
1. Jeremy Meservey (ME) 2. Travis Josselyn (NH) 3. Bill Caldwell (MA) 4. Matt Gauthier (MA)
MENS PRO RIGHT 166-185 (2)
1. Abdul (NH) 2. Austin Meehan (NH)
MENS PRO RIGHT 186-205 (5)
1. John Cervantes (ME) 2. Chad Bouchard (ME/CT) 3. Josh Grant (MA) 4. Tom Blake (ME)
MENS PRO RIGHT 206-235 (4)
1. John Cervantes (ME) 2. Badger Drewes (NH) 3. Ray Ambrose (NH) 4. Walter Meehan (NH)
1. John Cervantes (ME) 2. Larry Bowie (ME) 3. Chris Dubey (MA) 4. Harry Bean III (NH)

Results 8/9/14 NYC Strong Arm Showdown

Wednesday, 13 August, 2014

Results from Strong Arm Showdown!
165 right
1. Chris Nattoli
2. Oleh Frankivsky
3. Aleksandr Medvedov
165 left
1. Aleksandr Medvedov
2. Chris Nattoli
3. Oleh Frankivsky
195 right
1. Jason Vale
2. Mike Hall
3. Joey Zwack
195 left
1. Seth Barnett
2. Joey Zwack
3. Brandon Morris
225 right
1. Frank Hirst
2. Dan Desoto
3. Rich Longa
225 left
1. Seth Barnett
2. Dan Desoto
3. Jon Schneider
Supers right
1. Mike Ayello
2. Frank Hirst
3. Shawn Turner
Supers left
1. Mike Ayello
2. Kevin Nelson
3. Ken Smith

Results 8/8/14 VT – Strong ME Showing

Monday, 11 August, 2014

Addison County Fair & Field Days Arm Wrestling
2014 Results


Boys & Girls 0-5
3rd: Mattaya Carosella (NY) 2nd: Helen Curran (VT) 1st: William Snyder (NH)
Boys 6-7 3rd: Tanner Burns (VT) 2nd: Joseph Bergevin (VT) 1st: Isaac Preston (VT)
Girls 6-7 3rd: Ava Mullen (VT) 2nd: Ruby Hubbell (VT) 1st: Nevaya Adams (NY)
Boys 8 3rd: Wyatt Allenson (VT) 2nd: Mason Tracy (VT) 1st: Timothy Whitney Jr. (VT)
Girls 8-9 3rd: Heather Dwire (VT) 2nd: Bella Gale (VT) 1st: Riley Farrell (VT)
Boys 9 3rd: Carson Babbie (VT) 2nd: Carter Hubbell (VT) 1st: Colby Butler (VT)
Boys 10 3rd: Cameron Sprigg (VT) 2nd: Tayler Sterns (VT) 1st: Jacob Hanlon (VT)
Boys 11 3rd: NO ENTRY 2nd: Timothy Curran (VT) 1st: Sam Silberman (VT)
Girls 10-11 3rd: Lydia Deppman (VT) 2nd: Avery Gale (VT) 1st: Emily Briggs (VT)
Boys 12 3rd: Hunter Gale (VT) 2nd: Jake Fiet (NY) 1st: Isaac Bussell (VT)
Boys 13 3rd: Dalton Wilkey (VT) 2nd: Matthew Fox (VT) 1st: Seth Bussell (ME)
Girls 12-13 3rd: NO ENTRY 2nd: NO ENTRY 1st: Jenna Howlett (VT)
Boys 14 3rd: NO ENTRY 2nd: Jay Smits (VT) 1st: Brandin Plumadore (NY)
Girls 14 3rd: NO ENTRY 2nd: Julia Vander Wiele (VT) 1st: Hannah Willis (VT)
Boys 15 3rd: Michael Morgan (VT) 2nd: Greg Whitney (VT) 1st: Austin Dolan (VT)
Girls 15-16 3rd: Julia May (VT) 2nd: Brooke Tupper (VT) 1st: Jordan Hubbell (VT)
Boys 16 3rd: Daxton Taube (VT) 2nd: Ryan Paquin (VT) 1st: Austin Dolan (VT)

There were 99 total kids entries ranging in age from 2-16, from VT, NY & ME


Mens Right
0-143 3rd: Austin Gagne(VT) 2nd: Chad Richards(ME) 1st: Jeremy Meservey(ME)
144-154 3rd: Anthony Tracy(VT) 2nd: Jeremy Meservey(ME) 1st: Robbie Ketcham (VT)
155-165 3rd: Izaac Young(VT) 2nd: Lynn Sumner(VT) 1st: Jamie Hoburn(VT)
166-176 3rd: Eugene Sheldrick(VT) 2nd: Joseph Pagani(NY) 1st: Ken McKinney(NY)
177-187 3rd: Ray Calhoun(NY) 2nd: Matthew Gundrum(NY) 1st: Scott Latella(NY)
188-198 3rd: Richard Gagne(VT) 2nd: Ben Tromblee(NY) 1st: Tim Lewis(PA)
199-220 3rd: Jeremy Ladd (ME) 2nd: Eugene Sheldrick(VT) 1st: Adam Barup(VT)
221 & Up 3rd: John Jackson(VT) 2nd: Tyler Maynard(VT) 1st: Adam Barup(VT)

Womens Right
0-143 3rd: Ashley Meacham(VT) 2nd: Deb Banion(NH) 1st: Jessalyn Carosella(NY)
144 & UP 3rd: Ashley Taube(VT) 2nd: Darcy Dellamatera(NY) 1st: Cathy Merrill(NH)

Womens Left
0-143 3rd: Deb Banion(NH) 2nd: Ashley Meacham(VT) 1st: Jessalyn Carosella(NY)
144 & UP 3rd: Jennifer Sheldrick(VT) 2nd: Kayla Jackson(VT) 1st: Cathy Merrill(NH)

Mens Left
0-154 3rd: Ethan Meacham(VT) 2nd: Robbie Ketcham(VT) 1st: Jeremy Meservy(ME)
155-176 3rd: Derick Smits(VT) 2nd: Eugene Sheldrick(VT) 1st: Ken McKinney(NY)
177-198 3rd: Matthew Gundrum(NY) 2nd: Eugene Sheldrick(VT) 1st: Tim Lewis(PA)
199-220 3rd: Tony Neimo(VT) 2nd: Tim Lewis(PA) 1st: Adam Barup(VT)
221 & UP 3rd: John Jackson(VT) 2nd: Jason Fiet(NY) 1st: Adam Barup(VT)

There were 124 adult entries from VT, NY, NH, ME & PA. Brackets were done by Christina Sheldrick. Referees were Bill Sinks, George Sheldrick, Badger Drewes, Rob Ketcham & Eugene Sheldrick. Tournament Directors were Bill Sinks & George Sheldrick.